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Scaling up delivery while enhancing team methodologies & integrating AI.

Current Projects & Goals

Scaling with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Transitioning from a side project to a significant platform, our user base has expanded to over 100,000. This growth enables the introduction of new features and pricing strategies.

Scaling a Site from Scratch to Full Operation: My experiment at involves the innovative integration of AI and architecture, not just for content creation but also for its application in diverse advertising stacks.

Ultra Processed Checker

A Summer Hackathon of Sorts: Despite my limited coding skills, I develop a Chrome extension by leveraging GPT assistance. Ultra Process Checker symbolizes not just a tool, but a mindset focused on identifying needs and creating solutions.

Consultancy – Exploiting AI gains into a growth teams

I have honed my skills across a range of leading brands, taking on pivotal roles throughout. My goal is to push teams beyond their current limits, thereby elevating their overall output. Please arrange a meeting, and I will assist in launching or assisting a project that not only reaches fruition but also significantly improves your ongoing operational efficiency.

Ever wanted to be a top student, or wondered how some people can memorize and learn more efficiently? is designed to transform everyone into a top learner, regardless of their learning style.

We’ve examined the best revision methods and combined them into one app. Initially, a passion project to explore the capabilities of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), it started to gain traction, with over 100,000 users having tried us out. By the end of 2023, we began acquiring paying users.

Now, we are launching version 2, which enhances Classmaster by making it scalable, faster, and with an improved UX. New features, such as a full offline mode, are also being introduced. Additionally, we are refining the pricing flow and introducing a whole new user type for teachers, complete with their own unique features.

I am looking to scale, and if you have feedback or want to be part of the journey to improve learning for everyone, then please, let’s chat. is a site designed to help business users select and find the right SaaS product within the category they are searching for. (The concept itself is nothing too special.)

However, this site serves more as a playground for me to explore the extent to which AI can not only speed up work but by how much. I have already developed it to be capable of writing out full categories in hours, not days, and have experimented with quality processes for different categories. This includes understanding the costs associated with using AI and also determining the optimal website structure to incorporate it.

I am now exploring how AI and architecture can expedite the process of integrating the site with marketing stacks such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest, and Reddit.

If you are interested in optimizing your website’s structure and processes with AI at the core, then let’s talk.

As a summer project, after reading “Ultra Processed People,” I set myself the task of using AI to achieve one of my goals: to independently produce a program of some sort.

What I produced was the Chrome extension – Ultra Processed Checker. As you shop in the UK, it examines the products you’re browsing and lets you know if the product could be ultra-processed, giving you information about the number of ingredients, whether it contains E numbers, thickeners, preservatives, stabilizers, and flavorings.

By developing this tool, it enabled me to learn how to use AI in innovative ways, extending what I could achieve with just a laptop. This has filtered into my day-to-day life now, allowing me to achieve and be much more productive.

If you would like to know more about how to quickly get up to speed in maximizing AI, I can help bring this mindset to you and your team.

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