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Not quite a us yet. I do work with a set team of freelancer for design, back end developer and front end developers. And have a great bunch of industry friends that are informal advisor to help flesh out or come up with other angles. (Never under estimate how much can happen over a coffee chat)

Robert Costart


Embracing an agile mindset and prioritising the ‘how’ over the ‘what’ has enabled me to spearhead and deliver substantial projects at Trainline, Expedia, and Soldo. Simultaneously, I’ve dedicated time to side projects, ensuring my curiosity and hands-on experience remain sharp and up-to-date.

I’ve always been hands-on, creating websites, developing apps, and integrating tracking codes—fully leveraging pre-existing technology to optimise accounts. Yet, my most significant evolution was transitioning into a role that empowered teams, fostering a growth mindset across the board. I’ve excelled in articulating business objectives, encouraging teams to expand their strategies and enhance their contributions towards these goals.

Projects I’ve spearheaded within organisations include:

Trainline – Proof of Concept for a European Site
At Trainline, I was instrumental in transforming an idea into a fully-fledged European platform. Starting from scratch, I guided a lean, agile team through the development process, amassing a million users and laying a robust foundation that has become a cornerstone of Trainline’s offerings.

Expedia – Vrbo/HomeAway Platform Migration
My role involved mitigating the challenges of platform integration, aiming to preserve traffic flow and avoid dips in visitor numbers. Leading a cross-functional team, we collaborated closely with pivotal departments to ensure the seamless transition of sites, successfully shifting from potential losses to tangible gains and increased revenue.

Soldo – B2B CPA Bidding to a Lifetime Value Model
In a strategic move at Soldo, I facilitated a shift from a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model, which involved signing up users for a free product, to a more sustainable, predictive model based on 60 days of user activity. This new approach allowed us to forecast revenue with 95% accuracy for each sign-up, significantly enhancing our bidding strategies and overall financial planning.


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